We reserve the right to cancel or dissolve your appearance at Red Rock should you fail to comply with any of the stipulations listed below, so please read them carefully. Treat us with respect, and we will gladly do the same. We are a non-profit entity with a mostly volunteer staff. Please respect and consider that throughout the booking process

IMPORTANT NOTE ON LIVE STREAMING: We sadly cannot allow any live streaming from the venue anymore, and we kindly ask that you not live stream your set. This is thanks to a few bad apples. Doing so in the past has resulted in what is called 'Swatting'. This is where a false bomb threat is called on the venue so an anonymous internet troll can watch the SWAT team storm the building via your stream. It's a bummer, and results in the show shutting down early and everyone being cleared out. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to engage in all other forms of media though!



-Please arrive no later than 6:00 PM. If you're not able to make it by 6pm, please inform us with one weeks heads up and we will be happy to work around your schedule. If none of the artists arrives by 8pm at the latest, the sound team has been instructed to pack up and leave. They are volunteers and we want to respect their time. If an emergency arises the night of the show, or you're going to be late because of events outside your control, please call Red Rock Coffee (650) 967-4473 and inform the staff so they can relay that to the show staff that night.

-We have an elevator to the second floor, accessible from Villa Street.  Look for the second door down from the corner of Castro Street, marked "201 Castro."  Your sound person and the staff are happy to help point this out for you.

- Feel free to load in directly onto the staging area, or set your gear aside in the foyer next to our 2nd floor bathroom, just to the left of the hallway leading from our elevator. Once you're done setting up, you're free to stage your empty instrument and gear cases in our sound closet just behind the staging area. 


- We have a nice quiet, out of the way green room on the premises, which is set up for the artists. We provide water, soda, and wifi, along with some comfy couches to hang out on. You are welcome to bring your empty guitar and gear cases into the green room as well. You're welcome to make yourself at home in there before the show, and in between sets. Please NO alcohol/smoking/drug use in the green room what so ever. As a non profit with no liquor license, drinking in the green room may catch us a hefty fine with the city. Failure to comply with any and all of these rules will jeopardize your set, and we reserve the right to cancel your appearance should you not comply with this rule.

-Most shows are promoted as beginning at 8:00 PM, and are welcome to go until 10:00 PM sharp on Weekdays and 10:30/11pm on Weekends. That block of time is yours: feel free to play straight through or take an intermission or break in the middle. The cafe closes at 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday nights.

-We're sorry, but the city won't let us allow open alcohol containers on the premises. With that said, please no drinking on our premises or in our green room. We recommend St. Stephen's Green a few doors down Castro street for a pint or cocktail.

-You are more than welcome to display and sell any merchandise you may have with you and/or set out signups for mailing lists. Red Rock currently takes no cut of your merch.




If you are planning on bringing you own rig, self sustained amplification, or are a music group or artist that wants to forego being amplified with our sound system, please let us know ASAP. We want to avoid any situations where our volunteer sound staff shows up, only to find they aren't needed. We want to respect their time, and if it turns out that their help is not required, they will be grateful for the night off. Please let Nik know if this is the case with a friendly email update.

-There is a strict 95 dBA SPL limit in place.  RED ROCK IS A SMALL VENUE. YOU WILL SOUND YOUR BEST IF YOU 'PLAY TO THE ROOM.' Please respect this and work with our sound person and the staff if they let you know that things are too loud.  We all want to continue to enjoy music for years to come and we want you to sound your best. Drummers, seriously consider using hot rods, bundles, or brushes. This is as much for you, as it is for the audience, so please be flexible with our sound team.

-You must let us know what your band arrangement will be prior to show night.  The number of vocal mics necessary, any directly connected instruments (bass, acoustic guitars, keys, etc.) and their quantities, and the number of instrument amplifiers you require using (preferably for bass and electric guitars only) will help us prepare for your arrival. A Stage Plot is most helpful.


- At the end of the night, your POC for payout will be the MC or Stage Manager for the night. On most occasions this will be Nik. Whatever deal we have worked out previously with you, we will stick to. However in the event of no previous arrangement, our house split is usually %60/40 with the bands keeping %60 of the pre-sale and doors, and keeping %100 all Merch sales. We will pay you in Cash unless an alternate mode of payment is decided ahead of time. In order to receive your payout, you send us a fully filled out W-9 tax form for our records by the day of the show. Failure to provide this to us by the night of the show will void your payment until such a time as you're able to provide us with a W-9 form.

If you have any further concerns you can contact Nik at