We make amazing coffee.

It starts with the beans. Four Barrel Coffee, a San Francisco-based company, roasts the coffee just for us. Four Barrel travels to farms in Africa, Central America, South America, and Indonesia to purchase small lots directly from farmers. These person-to-person relationships have created financial opportunities for farmers and a discourse between producer and buyer that helps improve and maintain quality year after year.

We take what they roast, and, with painfully precise tools, we turn those coffee beans into a beautiful cup of coffee.  We brew coffee and pull espresso to reflect the sweetness, the balance, and the nuance of the particular place and culture that produced the beans. We lose none of the goodness that the land, weather, and people have imparted to this coffee.  In the tradition of Four Barrel we focus on flavor profiles that are bright, sweet, sparkling, and complex.  We are proud to have been working with them since 2009 and we are excited to continue building our relationship with the best roaster in the Bay.








We've collaborated with Four Barrel Coffee to create something beautiful: the Red Rock House Blend. This blend consists of a sun-dried natural Ethiopian, a washed Ethiopian, and a Nicaraguan coffee. It's full-bodied and chocolate-y, great for someone after their "morning-cup-of-joe" coffee, but it's also fruit-forward and nuanced, great for the coffee nerd. It's so good.



We use Four Barrel Coffee's flagship espresso blend, Friendo Blendo, in all of the espresso drinks we make at our main bar. It tastes of toffee and berries, and is the perfect compliment to silky-foamy milk in a cappuccino.





Single Origin Coffees

We offer a rotating selection of single origin coffees. These are coffees from one farm or co-op. Our current selection is:

  • Ethiopia Qorema
    Nicaragua El Diablo
    Guatemala Los Yuc
    Rwanda Gitega Hills
    Colombia Andino

  • N