We partner with Verve Coffee Roasters and Saint Frank Coffee to bring you the best coffees from all around the world. We've got Verve's Streetlevel espresso blend at our main bar, and we have rotating single-origin espressos at our 2Bar. For drip coffee, we serve an exclusive lot of coffee from Honduras, sourced and roasted by Saint Frank Coffee, and we can make pourovers of any of the coffees we have in the shop.





Nibble on some tasty bites with your favorite cup
of coffee: pastries, coffee cake, brownies, yogurt and
more! Our neighbors up and down Castro Street
serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you're
looking for something more substantial.





We have a comprehensive tea list in store!  
All of our of our selections come from the
Tao of Tea, a company that offers
lovely organic loose leaf teas.