10.09.2015 - @Jazz - 8pm
@Jazz is a six piece group that performs a wide range of original and contemporary jazz that ranges from straight-ahead, to fusion, funk, latin and acid jazz.
10.10.2015 - Jeff Conley - 8pm Indie/Folk
After Jeff Conley's two 1960's Gibson guitars were stolen 8 years ago, I decided I would only build guitars instead of buy them! Now he plays beautiful music on them!
10.23.2015 - Adrian West Trio - 8pm
Driving rock originals (plus a few covers) with short detours into West-African, Cajun, Celtic, Jazz and classical to keep everyone on their toes. Vocal harmonies, guitar, violin, bass, drums & seamless live looping.
10.30.2015 - Marissa Muraoka - 8pm
Marissa Muraoka is a local pop/rock/folk singer-songwriter born and raised in Sunnyvale, CA. She currently has her first EP available on her Bandcamp titled, Vertigo, and will be releasing her second EP this fall.
10.31.2015 - McHugh & Devine - 8pm
Join McHugh & Devine for a wonderful Halloween show! Think folk inspired music with a modern twist.
11.06.2015 - LeGrand Hutchins - 8pm - Folk
Back again for another night of music, LeGrand Hutchins is a story teller, rambler, and musician playing a sweet and poignant brand of folk.
11.07.2015 - Esther's Muse - Jazz - 8pm
Esther's Muse presents the Ornette Coleman project, an adventurous trio whose improvisational explorations include music composed or inspired by the late avant-garde alto saxophonist, Ornette Coleman.