03.06.2015 - LARK Jazz Quartet - 8pm
LARK Jazz Quartet brings the best of local jazz talent in one group!
03.07.2015 - David Brookings - 8pm
Indie/Alternative Rock inspired by a classic 60's sound.
03.13.2015 - Amy Obenski - 8pm - Folk/Acoustic
Amy Obenski creates her own ethereal downtempo folk-rock world by using a loop machine, endlessly layering harmonies and instruments over her own solo performance.
03.14.2015 - Special Guest:Tom Conlon - 8pm
NYC Musician and Songwriter Tom Conlon visits Red Rock on his West Coast tour. Indie folk and alternative Acoustic.
03.20.2015 - Bri Causey - 8pm
Singer Songwriter - Acoustic/Indie
03.21.2015 - J. Leigh Stone & The Sleepy Monkeys - 8pm
Songwriter J. Leigh Stone makes another appearance at Red Rock with her band, the Sleepy Monkeys!
03.27.2015 - Los Altos Highschool Open Mic - 8pm
LAHS Open mic brings youth talent to Red Rock!
03.28.2015 - McHugh & Devine - 8pm
Indie Folk Duo Mchugh and Devine bring their brand of acoustic road music - Folk, Indie, Americana
04.03.2015 - Ira Marlowe - 8pm
Singer Songwriter Ira Marlowe comes once again to Red Rock
04.04.2015 - Candy Lee - 8pm
Candy Lee is a local songwriter who performs in the style of indie folk/jazz,