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Analog Synthesizer Show - r beny + Paperback + Nathan Moody - FREE


r beny (Austin Cairns) is an electronic musician and sound artist based in San Jose, California. r beny uses modular and hardware synthesizers to create textural atmospheres; combining melody, harmony and tonality to purvey both the beauty and ugliness of nature and emotion. (


Paperbark has been sculpting sounds for years using analog instruments. His studio has been a revolving door of vintage and modern synthesizers and samplers. You will rarely find him composing music in front of a computer. Instead, he prefers to interact with unique, hand built instruments that evoke moods that define his music. His views on politics, culture and life are felt in the textures he creates. (


Nathan Moody has been making electronic music for over 15 years across albums, remixes, and compliation appearances. His latest albums feature an eclectic mix of modular synthesizers, guitar, and field recordings, cinematic and brooding but always with a glimmer of hope. (