Red Rock is owned and operated as a non-profit extension of The Highway Community.

So, why would a church want to run a cafe?

We believe our calling as an organization is one of service, and we looked for a place where we could serve our community and share life in an organic way.  All communities need 'third places'-places aside from work and home- where life can be lived out, wrestled with, celebrated, and enjoyed.  Red Rock has become that third place for many Silicon Valley folks.

Our mission is not to make money or add to our church membership via the cafe.  Rather, we long to serve Silicon Valley through Red Rock- to provide a space where art, music, conversation, business, and fantastic coffee flow easily and freely.

Revenue that doesn't flow directly back into RR (i.e. payroll, supplies, maintenance) goes to organizations like local women's shelters, to dig wells in Africa, to sponsor local little league teams, and directly support the coffee farmers overseas that make it possible for us to do what we do.

The truth is, although we may keep the books and lock the place up at night, Red Rock belongs to the community, and we hope it stays that way for years to come.


MVLA Scholars
Cherry Chase Elementary
Sunnyvale Southern Little League
Mountain View Library
Monta Vista Elementary
AVID Program at Mountain View High School
FootSteps Mission in Honduras
Bayshore EPA
EPA Made / EPA Shop
Palo Alto Unified School District - Jazz department
Bubb Elementary
New Creation Home EPA
MVLA Scholars
Mountain View Teen Center
Huff Elementary
YMCA Mountain View
Mountain View Parent Nursery
Community Services Agency
Moffet Holiday Party for our Military
Ravenswood Youth Athletic Assoc



Our Tax ID is 77 0535709

Our official company name is “The Highway Community, DBA Red Rock Coffee”