We reserve the right to pull the plug on any live act that doesn't comply with our requests listed below. Any belligerent or combative attitude toward our sound team will be treated the same.

Should any of our sound not be satisfactory, or any of our engineers professionalism or attitude be found lacking, please contact our management to discuss. We want everyone who enters Red Rock to be treated with respect and professionalism. Please don't hesitate in letting us know if that hasn't been the case. 

Below is a list of our gear, and an explanation of the space from a technical, acoustic, and audio perspective. If you have further questions, please email -


- Our sound team is volunteer, and do this out of the kindness of their heart. However, don't let that fool you. The volunteer engineers who will be mixing you are all professionals during the day time, either in the live sound and production industry, or have many, many years experience on stages or recording studios. Their overall goal is to make you sound awesome, so please hear them out if they have suggestions in regards to how to best fill the room with your beautiful sound waves. 

-We have four (4) Shure SM58 microphones, two (2) Sennheiser e609 instrument (amplifier) microphones, and four (4) passive direct injection (DI) boxes.  Any band-provided mics or DIs are also welcome.  Mic stands available include four (4) adjustable booms and two (2) straight stands.  Our mixer has twelve (12) total inputs from the stage.  Any combination of our mics & DIs, and yours, are welcome; our mixer can provide phantom power, just let your sound person know if your equipment needs it. 

-We have two (2) Mackie house loudspeakers permanently installed, that are more than adequate at a suitable volume level for our room.

-We have two (2) stage monitors and separate mixes for each.  Of course, they can be set up to share one mix if that's more appropriate for you - just let us know which you would prefer, if any.

-We have a dedicated twenty (20) Amp circuit for band power on the upstage center wall at the back of the stage area.  We have two long power strips, but you should bring extension cords or power strips if you need power in more than two locations on stage. 

-Any instruments that we can amplify through our sound system will help us get you to sound your best.  Electric guitar and bass amps are best kept at a reasonable volume on stage. That way, we can mic your rig and use our loudspeaker system to cover the audience in the room.

-Our space is a comfortably small 20' wide, 50' deep with a low ceiling at 7.5' and 8'.  The stage area is at one end of the long dimension, approximately 15' wide and 8' to 10' deep.  The floor is carpeted. 

-As a small space with some highly reflective walls, the room is naturally live.  Small instrument amplifiers will fill this space extremely well.  We ask kindly that you not bring in any large half-stacks or large bass cabinets. If that is all you have for your show, then please work with our sound guys to find an appropriate volume.Please respect and work with our sound person and the staff if they let you know that things are too loud.  We all want to continue to enjoy music for years to come and we want you to sound your best. Drummers, please consider using hot rods, bundles, or brushes.

- Should you be an electronic act, or a band that uses their own mixer for any reason, we ask kindly, but adamantly, that you work with our sound guy to find the right gain structure, setting and level. Nothing will make people leave our room faster than a constant battle of Gain and volume. If you are concerned about hearing yourself or your levels in the audience, consider asking for more monitor mix. Please consider using the allotted sound check time to sort this out before your performance. In the event that you're able to fore-go your mixer, that is usually best for the room, although we will defer to you in regards to making that decision.


If you have any further concerns you can contact