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Renee Dion - FREE // 8pm


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Renee Dion Bio

Renee Dion Jefferson, who performs as Renee Dion, was born in Youngstown, Ohio, on November 20, 1981.

Her parents moved to Columbus Ohio to escape Youngstown’s gang culture and offer their two children more opportunities and ultimately a better life. Dion grew up around music, her father was a jazz DJ and her mother being a school teacher kept a pen and journal in her hands. She was a good student but you could find her building tents in her closet with a flashlight writing poems which later became songs. As Renee grew, her love for music grew and her parents enrolled her into Ft. Hayes career center where she could explore her musical interest this led her to attending Columbia College Chicago where she further sharpened her skills and that sent her on a journey moving to Atlanta and Los Angeles to make her dreams come true. Renee has had many successes on her previous musical offerings but she quickly realized this music thing is not that easy. Renee confesses “I now realize how much you loose trying to pursue a dream and some would ask why do you keep striving, and my response, although sometimes blurry this is all I’ve ever seen myself doing, being bullied as a child God blessed me with this gift of music to express myself.”

Renee Dion’s soulful sound could be heard on music blogs across the web, on albums by alternative soul icons, and in clubs and festivals from her hometown, Columbus, Ohio, to New York City. And as her fans anticipated her fourth project, life came at her fast–she took a musical break. What emerged from Renee’s hiatus is a simmering album, HAVEN where she breaks free of her normal setting of an external producer directed album and found her soul trappings and plays in an uncharted space musically producing her own project with the help of one of Columbus Ohio’s musical geniuses Jonathan Baker assisting her in some of the tracks. Renee has crafted a delicate safe space of honest music creating a home within her lyrics and detailing patience through some of life’s harsh and gorgeous transitions as Gods child a woman and an artist.

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