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Burning Man Presents -- Coffee Talks: Adventures in Story-Sharing

Once upon a time…when you used to walk out your door; before you had to pay any bills…where did you go? What did you love to do? You know, when you were a kid?


We’d like to hear about it.


This adventure in story-sharing is the fertile ground from which we will draw the design influences and community inputs for the artist selection process at the Charleston East Plaza in Mountain View. Burning Man, working with Google, is leading the project management of five new artworks in this public plaza. The Charleston East Plaza is envisioned as a gathering place and community location for many exciting activities and ways of connecting - we want to learn from you what that might feel and look like by listening to what stirred and inspired you when you were young.


Join us as we explore the attachments that we form to place. The things that excite us, ignite us, and make us feel like we are at home.


Admission is free! Please RSVP at