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Nebula (Jazz/Fusion) - 8pm // FREE



Nebula is an adventurous jazz group that fuses complex rhythms and rich harmony with accessible melodies. Their original compositions draw on numerous musical traditions, from straight-ahead jazz to classical, from raga to progressive metal. Their music incorporates distinct shades of Pat Metheny and Robert Glasper as well as the subtle influence of bands such as Radiohead and Snarky Puppy.

The Bay Area-based Nebula formed in early 2016 as a drum and piano jam session, and soon evolved into a quintet with a distinct sonic signature. Listen for the soaring melodies of saxophonist Ryan Proch, introspective harmonies and textures from guitarist Chandra Rajagopal and pianist Scott Jespersen, and edgy, electric lines from bassist Luis Larco, all built atop the intense grooves of drummer Dylan Damonte.