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Amy Obenski - FREE - 8pm


Amy’s newest project uses a looper. She layers upon her own solo performance with up to ten part harmonies, beat boxing, bass lines, guitar and piano. Taking you through verse, chorus, bridge and the grand finale: her looping is seamless. This exploration is captured in her sixth album, An Emptiness to Fill, released in April, 2016.

First and foremost you’ll be struck by Amy’s crystalline voice which “will hook even the most hardened cynic.” (Performing Songwriter Magazine) She’s a California native. Raised in San Diego and now based in San Francisco, you can hear the sound of the wind and ocean in her music. She’s toured the U.S. and France and got her song “Carousel” into the TV Show,Grey’s Anatomy.

Between 2011 and 2013, Amy travelled to France three times to tour with The Carbone Band: a trio of French musicians. The collaboration eventually led to the recording of her fifth album, Restless, and a month long Artist in Residence at La Maison des Arts in Saint Herblain. The music was a collision of Amy’s free “California girl” sound and the French’s deep passion and intensity. The Carbone Band included Philippe Crochet, Josselin Sebille and Mourad Aït Abdelmalek.

Amy’s musical history stretches back to age five, when she began singing in her school choir. She took up piano at age six and has been studying music ever since. She finally picked up the guitar when she began songwriting at twenty-two.

In Santa Cruz, California, she supported local organizations through a series of benefit concerts called Take Back Your Forest. Collectively they raised six thousand dollars for the Sempervirens Fund, an organization that purchases and protects redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She continues to support these types of organizations as much as possible. In 2012, her Carbon Conscious Tour raised awareness about the burning of rainforest in South America and the affects on climate change.