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Socorra + Lucas Gordon + Sailing South - 8pm - FREE


Socorra is a folk/rock singer-songwriter from San Jose. She is heavily influenced by Elvis Presley, Motown, Classic Rock and the folk scene of 1960s Greenwich Village in New York. Socorra is a rhythmic guitar player who is focuses on the drums in all of her songs. She hopes that people can find the beat and feel like they can be a part of the song as well. She hopes to inspire young girls to pick up an instrument and make some noise! She is currently working on an EP in San Francisco expected to be out in 2016.

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Lucas Gordon writes and plays pop/soft-rock music but with the sensibilities of jazz and blues to create a sound that’s both accessible and complex at the same time. 


Sailing South is a Singer Songwriter project formed in San Jose,CA by Anthony Corrigan. Anthony records with a full studio band and finds a way to bring that same energy on stage as a solo artist. The project was originally formed as a hobby but after a rough 2015 it turned into much more. Anthony overcame depression and is now playing for its awareness.