Natalie Smith + Windmills // 8pm // FREE


Natalie Augusta Smith is a singer, songwriter, and performer based in Oakland, CA with a diverse musical background. With influences spanning from Elliot Smith to Ella Fitzgerald, from 60s Motown to 90s Lilith, the songwriter strives to create raw, witty, guitar-driven pop. 

Originally from Novato, CA, Natalie set off to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston after high school. There she began working on her songwriting craft and picked up a guitar for the first time. With a host of gigs all over New England under her belt, Smith relocated to Los Angeles, where she continued to sing with major artists, such as Ben Folds, Boys II Men, and Lily Elise, while also showcasing her own material at local singer-songwriter nights. In 2015, Natalie moved back to The Bay Area, the place that provides her with the infinite inspiration. She is currently cutting an album at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, which will be co-produced by Derek Ted of Owl Paws. 


Windmills is San Francisco based Singer, Songwriter, and Poet Wayne Mills.

“Classic Tascam Portastudio Bedroom Folk” –

Established in 2007, Windmills has released multiple Eps such as ‘The Fire’ and ‘We Move Air’ both released via Lo-Fi Cassette Label Sunroom Recordz (SF), in addition to his January 2016 release of ‘Willow Ridge’.

"I think one of the reason why I love lo-fi music is its spirit. Without the presence of over editing and compression, the soul of the song still remains intact. I stumbled upon Windmills the other night and felt an immediate closeness to the songs." – No Experience Nessecary Blog