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“My business partner, Jan, and I have been coming to Red Rock for more than ten years. We first came here together to work here. This environment is what you would expect from one of the best cafes in the area. Because it’s so tied to the community, the business community as well as the family community, I think it’s a great resource for everyone.”
-Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp

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What? I’m already a Red Rock Patron, I love Red Rock!

Whether you come for the direct-trade coffee, the specialty-grade espresso, the wifi, the live music and comedy, or the local art—you know firsthand Red Rock is a true hub of community in Silicon Valley.

That’s why we do what we do—to be a space for community life in the Bay Area. Thanks to you, we’ve become that.

Doing business in Silicon Valley is hard. It’s expensive here, but we’re dedicated to our mission of caffeine, culture, and community, and committed to remaining a non-profit business. Further, we’re committed to supporting the farmers of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Guatemala that sustainably grow, nurture, and harvest the coffee we love so much.

You can help! Become an official Red Rock Patron, and donate to the mission of Red Rock! Aside from the good feeling of knowing you’re supporting craft coffee, local art, and community in Mountain View, your gifts are tax-deductible, and qualify you for special Patron-only gifts and perks at Red Rock!

Thanks for supporting Red Rock, and furthering the cause of caffeine, culture, and community.

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“Red Rock is a fantastic nonprofit cafe for local artists to show their work. I’ve had the privilege of working with them several times. The red walls are really eye catching, and the rotating art displays are very well organized and curated. I prefer Red Rock to working with traditional galleries. Thank you!”
-Kathryn Beals, Painter

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Red Rock has graciously allowed me to showcase my photos and this is a huge benefit.  I pay no fee and no commission, and my photos are seen in person by thousands of people.  How cool is that?  Red Rock's willingness to support me has increased my confidence, strengthened my self image, and encouraged me to continue pursuing with my craft.-Eric Davidove, Photographer