Cold Coffee in kegs


Not cold brew!

We used to cold brew coffee at room temperature overnight. But this leaves the coffee without very much nuance, and it allows the coffee to oxidize, leaving a flat flavor that doesn't show off the origin characteristics of the coffee. Basically, cold brew tastes the same wherever you go.


But Four Barrel has created a new way to brew iced coffee! They brew it hot, cool it quickly, then keg it and flush it with nitrogen. What we get is a bright, clean cup of cold coffee that tastes like its origin. It's all the good of cold brew: sweet and full-bodied, but with the unique beauty of Four Barrel's coffee offerings.

We feature two of their offerings:
Limelight: light-roasted, bright and floral, fresh and fruity
Nitro: sweet and syrupy, infused with nitrogen for silky creamy mouthfeel

Come by and try it!