Music is a pillar of culture, and culture is our mission.

If you're an artist or band and are interested in performing live at Red Rock, PLEASE READ THIS PAGE FIRST, and then contact our Booking Expert at In the e-mail, provide the following:

- A Bandcamp page, Facebook Bandpage, Soundcloud Page, or other website link where your music can be listened to. Attaching one or two tracks to the e-mail in mp3 format is fine. Please send the most current recordings and performances.
 - Some possible dates you're interested in (Friday or Saturday preferably)

-A Youtube video or video of a live performance (music videos or promotional videos are also appreciated). This will greatly increase your chances of being booked and will give us a good sense of whether your music is a fit for Red Rock.


- Badger us. Contacting us excessively about listening to your demo, album, video, checking in on your initial request, or attempting to overly sell yourself will get you nowhere. If we think we have a date for you, or we want to bring what you have to Red Rock, we will let you know. After an initial email interaction, if our booking agent feels that you're a good fit for Red Rock from a curators standpoint, he will be back in touch about a date and let you know clearly that Red Rock is interested in having you. No reply does not mean we hate your music, it just means your'e not what we're looking for. Please be understanding and patient in all this. We want to respect every ones time, so please do the same for us.

- Send us 9 paragraphs, and 180 links to your band. Chances are we will just ignore your email and send it to the trash. This is purely to avoid spam-bot style email booking organizations, and to give the booking process an easy flow. A quick intro, the necessary links, your preferred dates, and a thank you is all we need.

- Leave out the necessary links, tracks, videos etc. This shows us that you have either not read this page, or that you're not ready yet to play Red Rock. Consider your presentation when emailing us. It matters.


- Not everyones music is a fit for Red Rock. That means that maybe your style is better suited for a rock club, a dance hall, or, from a curators standpoint, it is not something we want to bring to the Red Rock experience. We will always try our best to be respectfully honest about this. It's not meant as a slight. We simply don't want to waste anyone's time by stringing them on.


We make every attempt to host artists of multiple genres, styles, and levels of professionalism. Keep in mind that Red Rock is a small venue with a low ceiling. If you are a hard rock / metal / punk / etc. group, we champion your music, we just might not be able to host it in the way nature intended. If your group can't 'play to the room,' we will have sound issues, problems, and bad vibes. Nobody wants that. Consider a solo, down-tempo, or acoustic set, and let your music speak in a different way. If you think you can rock as a full band at an appropriate dynamic, then we also welcome that too!

-You are more than welcome to display and sell any merchandise you may have with you and/or set out signups for mailing lists. Red Rock takes no cut of your merch.

-Most shows are promoted as beginning at 8:00 PM, and are welcome to go until 10:30 PM sharp.The cafe closes at 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday nights.

-There is a strict 95 dBA SPL limit in place.  Red Rock is a small room, and you can fill it easily with sound. We do however have a full run of SM58 mics, Stands, Two Wedge Monitors, and an installed sound system that is plenty powerful. To date there hasn't been a band we couldn't cover in regards to sound. 

-Red Rock Coffee is a non-profit community resource, and thusly we do not provide any pay for performers, unless you want to discuss a ticketed show (please ask our booking agent in regards to this). However for our basic free-to-the-public gigs we allow tip jars, and have found this to be very successful for artists on a consistent basis. You are free to have a prominently displayed tip jar and hint about how nice it would be if there was money in it. If you are a touring act and need to set up a higher profile show with a door charge, make sure to mention that when you make your booking contact and we will see what we can do. We are flexible and can discuss a percentage or door deal that is agreeable to both parties.

-Beyond posting your flier/posters in our cafe, and notifying local culture magazines (Mountain View Voice, Metro etc.) about your performance, we will not promote your show. We will expect you to do all your own promotional material, and will in fact, expect you to promote your show regardless. If you're not the promoting type, then expect to be offered a free-to-the-public performance. For those who will put effort into making your event a success, we are more than happy to discuss higher profile ticketed events.

-We do not book cover acts, or tribute groups. Our mission is to give exposure to original music, and up and coming artists. If your set consists primarily of covers, consider passing on Red Rock.

-We like to encourage younger musicians, and new bands,  and give them a venue in which to perform. However, certain levels of quality must be maintained. If you and your band are still working on the basics, like playing in tune, getting all the way through songs without stopping, and executing the perfect scissor kick without tearing a groin muscle, keep practicing, and we'll be happy to book your group when you're ready to blow the doors off the place. We pride ourselves in a level of quality for all our performers, and we try to curate that as consistently as possible to the delight of our patrons and listeners.